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If you have received an email informing you that your Maths account is due to close please do not ignore it even if you think it is an error. Receiving such an email unexpectedly may be perplexing, worrying or annoying but please read through the relevant Q&As to understand why you may have received this, and how to change it if appropriate.

If you need to set up a collaboration or are continuing as a visitor the questions below will tell you what to do to ensure this is correctly set up.


Glossary used in this document:

Academic - those who can authorise collaborations.
(List:  DAMTP, and DPMMS  )

BOM - Business and Operations Manager.  Contact dpmmssec@dpmms ( and damtpsec@maths ( 
BOM used to be known as Department Administrator or Department Secretary.

HoD PA  - Head of Department PA.


Self service faculty database: Looking at your record

You log in to the faculty database with your maths username and password.  The page will show you the record end date we have for you.


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What is my end date in the faculty database?

Your entry in the faculty database has an end date (also known as a review date).Long term collaborations and visits are reviewed every three years. 

You can check what this is by
a/ Looking at your record
b/ Asking your group or pavilion secretary (DAMTP), or the head of department PA (DPMMS) if they could check your record.


Who to contact?

General queries:  Your or your host's pavilion/group secretary.  (In DPMMS the HoD PA).

For queries about record end dates:

If you are an academic collaborator in DAMTP then the appropriate person is the group or pavilion secretary of the person you are primarily working with. 

If you are involved in undergraduate teaching then contact the Undergraduate office. 

If you are a summer placement student contact the person you are working with with a request that they contact the summer placements coordinator.

If you are keeping access for reasons other than an academic collaboration then the BOM.

If you are a member of maths staff either contact the maths HR office or your group/pavilion secretary.

If you are a research student or mphil contact the maths postgraduate office.

If none of those people are relevent for your case contact the DAMTP or DPMMS BOM  or head of department PA for assistance. 

Please do not contact IT, they do not edit the faculty database and are not involved with staff contracts or the setup or extending of maths logins.

IT cannot 'hold' your account open while your database entry is being updated. If you urgently need a record extension then the people to contact are your  head of department PA or BOM.  Copying in your group or pavilion secretary is helpful.

My contract (or visit or collaboration ...) was extended. Your email has the wrong date.

Check your current end date on the database. It may have happened the email went out before the update was made.  See first question in this section for how to do this. 

If it is incorrect then see the question above on who to contact.

IT cannot 'hold' your account open while your database entry is being updated. If this is urgently needed then the people to contact are your  head of department PA or BOM.  Copying in your group or pavilion secretary is helpful.


I work here and I am not leaving; who do I contact (or my visit or collaboration was extended)

If you are not leaving the contact someone in admin as soon as you can:

See the who to contact question

See the first question for how to check the end date of your record.

If you use the self service route note that this is read from the live data. If it is incorrect then the date on the faculty database is incorrect, even if you were told otherwise.
If there seems to be a disprency then ask the person who is telling you the other date to check and then they can contact maths IT if they cannot find what the issue is.

How do I set up a collaboration?

Academic  collaboration:  This is a collaboration to carry out research.  An academic in DAMTP or DPMMS  authorises it.  If the person you are working with does not have academic status then they need to ask their PI. 
The person who is authorising then emails  their secretary (or Head of Department PA in DPMMS) to say they authorise from the start date to the review/end date. They provide those actual dates.

You or the person you are working with also contacts the same secretary with your full name, crsid and date of birth. 

The academic's secretary then arranges the collaboration. They will notify you when its set up.

The list of academics is at the top of this document.  If no academic will sign off your collaboration the person to contact is the BOM.

Non academic collaboration or other reason to keep access:  You or the person you are working with contact the DAMTP BOM or DPMMS BOM.  If your request is approved they will arrange for the setup.  You will be contacted when it is set up.

Both: To check a collaboration end date you or the person you are working with can contact their pavilion/group secretary (or HoD PA if DPMMS).  Alternatively you can check the database. See the top of this document for how to do that. When a collaboration is set up you will see your record end date is updated. If it does not update then ask the appropriate secretary to look into it.


Your collaboration gives you access to the maths network.   It does not provide extra resources like email, raven or web pages.  The UIS convert Raven accounts to Raven for life when people leave.

If your collaboration needs any of the above extra resources then see the question on extra resources for the procedure to apply for these.  (Question is below this one)

What are extra resources?

Visitors and collaborators receive a login to the maths system.  This is also known as having a crsid. 

If they need an extra resource like email, raven or a web presence these need to be approved by the Head of Department. 

The procedure for this is as follows: 

[Academic Collaboration or Visit]
1.  The academic authorising the visit or collaboration makes a case to the head of department if they agree the case is valid.  Check the list of terms below.
2.  If the Head of Department agrees then they contact their PA who will set up the resource. 

[All other]
1. You make your case directly to the BOM for your department.

It is vital you are clear in your terminology so that everyone is talking about the same resource.

  • Raven
  • Web profile page (visitors have these by default)
  • Personal web page
  • University Email
  • Department alias (typically this redirects off site). If it cannot do so and a local mailbox is required this must be specified.

Saying 'crsid' just gets a login to the maths system. Which an academic can authorise without needing to ask their Head of Department in maths.

It is generally expected that these are not needed.  However should a visitor or collaborator disagree  with a decision their final recourse is to contact the Head of Department directly.  However they must go through the above procedure before directly contacting them.    Without the authorisation of Head of Department these extra resources  cannot  be granted. 

Please do not email the maths IT  helpdesk.  They have no say in these matters.   When the head of department agrees to extra resources they are set up by the Head of department's PA. 

My visit or collaboration is extended

Ask the person you are working with to check with their group/pavilion secretary (or HoD PA) that the extension is recorded on the database.

If you had extra resources as part of your original visit / collaboration these will need applying for again.   When the head of department grants a resource like email it is time limited, usually to the original end date on your record.   See the extra resource question above for how to arrange this. 

An extension to your collaboration does not necessarily mean you will have your access to extra resources like email extended again.   If your collaboration requires this or you do not want a collaboration without the extra resource then ensure the person who is authorising is aware.

What information is needed to set up a collaboration?

The following information is needed.

  • Name: (Full name - if the person has a 'known by' name that can also be provided but we must have the full name). 
  • crsid (if has one)
  • date of birth
  • email from the maths academic who will be authorising the collaboration
  • if collaboration is with DAMTP and DPMMS then which department is the main one
  • Project Title
  • Authorising academic's research group.  If later they need access to any other research group's facilities an email is expected from an academic in that group.
  • A contact email address. This must be an address they can receive email on and expect to stay working throughout the collaboration.  It is not permitted to give an @cam address and then ask for @cam email on that basis.   A person can change their contact email address during the collaboration is this is needed.
  • the person's agreement to the terms and conditions

If the person will need any extra resources for the collaboration to proceed (raven, university email, department email) it can speed up matters if the academic who is authorising starts to make their case to the Head of Department as soon as possible.  See Extra Resources Question above.


I am changing from staff to emeritus

In maths if you retire and need to keep access to the department IT system read below for who to contact.

  • If you are an academic who is becoming emeritus please contact the maths HR office who can add an emeritus record for you.  Otherwise if you need to keep access contact the department administrator. 
  • Otherwise contact the BOM.

I am just finishing my PhD, I need to keep my account open for a bit longer. What do I do?

Please contact the Post Graduate Office. They may be taking care of this already but do check with them.  If you are finished your PhD then follow the how to become a collaborator procedure - above. 

I am a research student. My PhD is all done and I am leaving but my supervisor wants me to do more research

Please ask your supervisor to set up a collaboration.  The procedure for how to do this is above.

Where are the staff and student leaver forms and what are they

Staff and students to informally extend your login for a limited period.

Staff and students to set up an email redirection for a limited period

The amount you can extend by depends on your status. It may be different for the different services.
The forms will show you the maximum date you may choose. If you try to go beyond it they will reset back to this maximum. 


From the leaver's form staff and research students can

  1. Set up an email redirection. 
    (If you are leaving and moving to another position in the university, you still need to fill this in if you wish your department email to continue to redirect to your university email address. )
  2. Choose its end date (within the boundaries shown to you on the form)
  3. Set up a contact message for when your email addresses cease to work.
  4. Add a few weeks to your computer login close date or close it early.


I need to fill out the leavers form but have already left and can't access the system

If you have left so can't access the system and need to fill out your leavers form contact the person who was your secretary/PA, alternatively contact the BOM to request extra time. 


I am a Director of Studies

If you are continuing as a Director of Studies, please contact the Maths Undergraduate Office (

I am a supervisor

If you supervise, please contact the Maths Undergraduate Office (

I am a College Research Fellow, College Teaching Officer, Visitor, Visiting Student, Summer Student or Collaborator

Find the list of who to contact above.

If you are a college research fellow, junior research fellow or college teaching officer the secretary you contact may need to contact the Maths HR office to get a record update. Please allow time for this. 

I am leaving a department research position but staying as a college research fellow

If you will be continuing in the department you will either be a college research fellow status or visitor status.  The person to advise you is your PI or the BOM.

If you go down the College Research Fellow route your PI contacts the Maths HR office. 

If you are changing to visitor or collaborator they contact their secretary. 

Extra resources do not apply to college research fellows.  Their college is responsible for their raven and university email. 

If your college is closing these then you are a visitor on our database and if you need continued access to Raven or Univeristy Email you follow the extra resource procedure which is explained in  a question somewhere above this.

I am a visitor and will be returning in nine months for another three month visit. Can I keep my account open.

Your account will close between the visits. If you and your host need it kept open please arrange for a collaboration. This will hold it open.  

I work for the department (not research) who do I contact?

Contact the BOM (see above for details).

Can I keep my account for a little longer - I am not collaborating but need extra time

Staff and student logins generally do not close immediately.  They usually stay open for a month after you leave.  On the leavers form you have the option to extend your login for a little while longer.  

If you can't access the leavers form or need longer than the time allocated contact the BOM.  If they agree then an informal extension can be made to your login. 


None of the above apply to me but I want my account to stay open

Contact the  department BOM to request this. They will decide.   See above for their contact details.

In urgent situations the Head of Department PA may be able to assist you. Copy them in.

Can I ask IT to extend my account?

No. IT have no authority to create or extend accounts. The accounts system is automated and reads from your record in the faculty database.

Exactly what is a collaboration?

A collaboration entitles you to a Maths account and possibly access to other Maths resources such as the HPC. You may sometimes see it written as having a crsid.   It does not ordinarily entitle you to University resources such as an @cam email address.  If you need that see the section on 'extra resources' .

Can I redirect my email?

This service only applies to staff and students.

Some people use department email addresses. These end in,, or  On the leavers from staff and students will see an option to redirect their department email addresses for up to a year.  This form must be filled  out before you leave as you will not be able to access it after that.  

If you need assistance with the form please contact the maths helpdesk.  You need to be using a maths computer or the maths VPN or hotdesk to access the form. 

Your University email address ( is the remit of the UIS. They have their own arrangements for closing that.  It is not covered by the above redirection.

If you were a visitor or collaborator who was allowed a department alias and you wish it to continue to work after you are finished then you need to arrange another collaboration and request access to the alias for longer by following the 'extra resource' procedure. The procedures for these are above.

What happens to my University e-mail once I'm gone?

University email is ran by the UIS. 

Once an account is cancelled, mail and any data in OneDrive etc will be deleted by Microsoft after 90 days.  This was at the time of writing. Always check the UIS email for the exact timings.   UIS usually email between one and four weeks after your leave.  If you didn't receive an email from them best to contact them directly.

Please move all mail and data before the account is cancelled.

There will be warning an email from UIS to remind you that your access is cancelled.  There is a page advising what
actions to take on the UIS site.

For people of status research student and staff and those visitors who have University email: UIS usually send these emails close to after your end date. They send them in batches roughly once every four weeks. 
 In the email is the date your UIS accounts will be cancelled (including email) and how you can extend that date by ( up to about eight weeks).  

If you meant to extend, but forgot and then your UIS accounts are cancelled then UIS may be nice and reopen them for you as if you had remembered. 
You need to request that from UIS. Their contact details should be in the email you received from them.  (Maths IT have nothing to do with this). 

Before your university email is cancelled you can put in a redirect. Also put one on your lookup page. This will give you a few extra weeks of redirection for the time period between cancellation and deletion.   


Can I send emails from my department address after I have left?

The email redirection service we offer only permits you to receive emails sent to your department address.

How will I receive emails when my redirection ends?

When your email redirection ends anyone who emails you will receive an email back with your forwarding email address in it.   They are encouraged to email you directly on that. 
Please do not rely on people reading that.  Update your contacts before the end of your email redirection period. 

What happens to my webpages after I have left?

They stop displaying. 


You may see your personal page for a short time after your leave.  Do not rely on this. 


Why do I see two leavers forms?

Some people have two parallel positions.   Each position generates a leavers form.  Each position could be linked to different resources.  The end dates on each record contribute towards when you will lose accesses to the resources linked to that position. 

Your computer account will be closed on the later end date. 

What happens to any role email addresses I own?

Ensure that the group which owns them has other people in it.  Those group members will own the address when your record closes.

I am not staff or student but I have a department address. How do I set a contact message on it for when I leave?

Fill in the contact email box in this form.

This is the same form and box you used to provide us with your contact email when you started.

I want to close my account / email early

If you want to close your account or email early contact your group/pavilion secretary (or your host's if you are a collaborator). 


What about my @cam email?

The UIS will email you about your @cam address and raven usually shortly after you leave.  They have different forms for allowing extensions for different reasons. Please read their email carefully. 

Your group/pavilion secretary cannot fill the form in for you.

Where is this staff/student leavers form?

I use the University's HPC and it needs an @cam address

It is sometimes thought that because the university HPC emails @cam addresses that therefore you need to retain your @cam email in order to continue using the HPC. This is not the case.  What the HPC need is to be able to contact you. You need to ensure they have an up to date contact address for you. This could be an external address or alumni address. .

I need to use the HPC as part of my collaboration

Discuss with the academic who is authorising your access which type of HPC access they are allowing you for the collaboration. 

HPC user registration

If they choose to give you Internal visitor access they will need first to arrange for you to have Raven access so you can access the form. The instructions they need for that are on a different  form they fill out to authorise the collaboration. 

So steps are.

  1.  Discuss with your host what the collaboration needs. if your host is not an academic they will discuss with one of their research group's academics. 

  2. Your group/pavilion secretary submits the form for the collaboration.

  3.  The academic signs it and if they had agreed you needed Raven access then they start to arrange your Raven access.  (You do not need University Email for this).
  4. The collaboration with or without Raven as appropriate gets set up
  5.  You fill out whichever HPC form is appropriate for the access the academic agreed you may have. 


Can I fill in the leaver form if I am not leaving?

This only applies to staff (including CTO/CRF)  and students.

You've received the email warning your account close is coming up. You are not leaving and believe there is a mistake somewhere. Can you fill out the leavers forms to tide things
over especially if time is tight.

Yes of course you can but its not a subsitute for getting the underlying problem fixed.  It will hold your login open however you will see some resources (especially department mailing list traffic) will cease to work once the record end date is passed.

If you set your email redirect to then provided that isn't closing your email will continue as normal until things are sorted. 


Where can I see when my position in the department is due to end

Look under your details page on the department database. 

Scroll down and its near the end of the page.

I am leaving but need to keep my university email (or raven) how do I do this

Generally speaking this is not permitted beyond the redirection time the UIS allow

If you have a really good need for it then the steps to take are
(a) arrange a collaboration (see above)
(b) make your case to the academic who is signing off the collaboration. If they agree they will follow the procedure for 'extra resources' above. 

If there is no academic involved in your collaboration or a collabortion is not suitable then contact the BOM.

This question is sometimes asked by people who hope to return to the university as well as people leaving it.  It is the same answer for both cases.

The same procedure applies if you wish to keep Raven open. When people leave their Raven turns into 'Raven for life' so they can still access some services.

If there is good reason and permission is given for you to retain your Raven account be aware this will not give you access to the same e-resources as current staff and students have.
The university has license agreements it must keep and some licenses only cover staff and students.

Off site access to university journals requires an offiical visitors letter or email from Head of Department (and for head of department to first agree to Raven).


Can I keep my department alias after I leave.

Staff/Students/CRF/CTO  The department allows staff and student leavers a year long redirect of their department alias.   Please set this up before you leave.   When the year is up the redirect will change to a contact message whereby anyone who emails you will be given back your email address.   The system will tell you which date the redirect will end. Please set up your own reminder.

If you need to edit it after you have left you contact your PI/supervisor who can verify it is you asking and can ask their secretary to amend your record. Please say what the alias.  Avoid saying the vague 'my aliases'.

If you do not set up a leaver's redirection then  your alias will continue to work for 90 days after you leave delivering your email to the same address it delivered it to while you were here.  Then it will cease to work.

If you are a visitor or collaborator who was granted a department alias and has an academic reason to keep the alias for longer than your visit/collaboration the method is:

(a) arrange a collaboration
(b) the academic who is signing off the collaboration makes your case to the head of department.    The decision lies with Head of Department. It is not something IT or admin get involved with. 

If head of department agrees the head of department office will set this up.  This is not something IT or admin assist with. 

Ex staff/student now visitor/collaborator who did not set up redirect but is within a year of leaving and now needs alias to work as part of visit/collaboration

(I) If your collaboration/visit will take you beyond the end date for your leaver redirect (as if you had set it up) and you need the alias to be live for the full time of your visit/collaboration then follow the  visitor/collaborator procedure above.
(II) Otherwise ask the person who authorised your visit/collaborator to verify you are who you say you are, give the email alias to be redirected and the redirection address. They will pass this to their secretary who will set this up for you. 

We have to be careful not to redirect the email of one person on request of another. The onus is on you to contact the academic you worked with and verify who you are. 


Why is the end date on my self service page different from my computer account end date?

The end date on your self service page is when your position in the department ends.   Staff and student logins often have an extra month added to them. If you or the BOM agreed to an informal extension to that then that will show in your computer account end date.

Why doesn't the system take the date I put in on the leaver's form - it keeps resetting it to the 'latest date' it displayed.

The leavers form allows you informally extend your login for a set number of days. The number of days allowed depend on your position in the department.

The form shows you the latest date you are allowed to extend to. If you  put in a date that is further into the future than this date, the system assumes you make a typo and sets your access to the latest date you are allowed. 

If you need time beyond the latest date you are allowed to informally extend to then you need to arrange a collaboration.  Usually collaborations involve working with someone in maths to further the aims of the department/university and a damtp/dpmms academic or business operations manager must authorise the collaboration.   If this does not apply to you but nevertheless you feel you have good reason to keep your login beyond the maximum date allowed then the person you make your case to is the head of department.