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Installing Matlab on your own computer under the University site licence

If you have an email address you are entitled to install MATLAB on your personally-owned computer, for non-commercial University use only.

If you need help or have questions, please contact the Maths Computing helpdesk, help@maths in the first instance.

Registration on Mathworks portal

To be able to use University Matlab license you need first to register at Mathworks portal using your email address.

Getting the installation media

Due to the increase in size, starting from Matlab R2018b, it is no longer possible to download a full DVD image from the Maths website. Instead it is recommended to use the network installer which allows you to choose which toolboxes to download and install. The network installer can be downloaded directly from the Mathworks portal. If required full DVD images are available on the Mathworks portal.

Using network installer

Instructions how to use network installer you can find here.

Known Problems

If you do not have an Internet connection (to allow access to the MathWorks website) then the Matlab installation will fail and/or the activation of the installation will fail.

If you find that this does not work or you run into other problems please let us know: help@maths.

Update an Expiring Licence

If your Matlab licence is expiring (there is usually a message when starting up Matlab) then to update the licence, relaunch Matlab from an account with admin privileges and:

  1. help -> licensing -> Update Current Licences
  2. click on "update" button
  3. restart Matlab

Alternatively when presented with "Activate MathWorks Software" window, choose "Activate automatically using the Internet" option, login into your MathWorks account and choose license labelled "Individual".