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Resetting Unhappy Printers

Use the online printer status webpage to query the printer status, and if needed reset the printer.

To do this

  • Goto the webpage given above
  • Select the appropiate "Manage Print-Name" link and then see what the "Current CUPS queue status" is
  • If it shows disabled select "Authenticate via Raven" to enable the controls
  • Authenticating via Raven is sometimes enough to reset the printer, check if the printer got re-enabled by refreshing/reloading the webpage and checking the "Current CUPS queue status" again
  • If the printer still needs reseting select the button labelled reset. As the printer is reset the webpage will refresh with its system information, you can ignore this if you wish. Once the page stops being refreshed the "Current CUPS queue status" should show enabled, accepting jobs.

Note that although this takes care to minimise the risks of losing jobs, if a printer is reset while printing then the job may simply be lost.

Since you cannot easily tell remotely if a printer is processing a job be especially careful when resetting any printer which may be used by others -- especially people outside your research group.

If you are in any doubt about the state or serviceability of a Printer, please email