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PARI-GP - a software package for computer-aided number theory

PARI-GP is a software package for computer-aided number theory.

Originally developed at Bordeaux by a team led by Henri Cohen, PARI-GP is now maintained by Karim Belabas at the Université Paris-Sud Orsay with the help of many volunteer contributors.

  • PARI home page
  • On a Maths machine, copy and paste these URLs into the address box to access local copies of the documentation.
  • Users' Guide - file:///usr/share/pari/doc/users.dvi
  • Tutorial - file:///usr/share/pari/doc/tutorial.dvi
  • Reference card - file:///usr/share/pari/doc/

We have only two of the optional packages for pari:
the elldata package (based on a 2012 version of J.E. Cremona's ellipse data) and
the galdata package.

Type gp to run the program or gphelp for the online help.

DPMMS users with experience of PARI GP include Tom Fisher.