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The Faculty of Mathematics is open to engaging in collaborations with industrial partners.  More information is available in the Collaboration Overview web page.

Please contact the Knowledge Transfer Facilitator, Dr Stephanie North: email or phone 01223 760414.

More information about the Post Masters Placements Scheme  can be found using the link.


University of Cambridge EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Analysis

Call to Business and Industry for First Year PhD Student External Projects

The call has closed for this academic year and will re-open in August 2018 for the next academic year.​

The University of Cambridge EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Analysis invites proposals for first year External Projects from business and industry.

Opening Date 1st August 2017
Closing date 13th October 2017
Status Closed

Introduction to the Cambridge Centre for Analysis (CCA)

The CCA is located at the University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences and follows the EPSRC's cohort-based PhD training model, admitting 10-15 students per year.  The course is a four-year PhD in Mathematics, in an area of Analysis or its Applications. The scope includes Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis, Probability, Computational Analysis, High-Dimensional or Non-Parametric Statistics and Mathematics of Information.

First Year Projects

A unique first year structured programme offers wide-ranging training in Analysis, emphasising teamwork.  Students are offered opportunities to work on two research projects:

  • Internal Project under the direction of the first year supervisor in the Faculty of Mathematics
  • External Project that is provided by a user of mathematics - either another department of the University, or a partner from business/industry.

Funding not required

No funding is required as the external project is an integral part of the training.  However, partner organisations may need to cover incidental costs if required by the project, for example student travel.  

Benefits for Partner Organisations

External projects offer an opportunity to briefly explore an area of research.  They are also an ideal way to engage and develop a relationship with the Mathematics Departments at the University of Cambridge.   

Guidelines and Requirements for External Project Partners

  • The project should challenge first year PhD Mathematics students who have a four year mathematics degree or a three year degree plus a Master’s degree in mathematics. 
  • A project description is required, using the submission template, which includes the background, problem, aims, expectations and key literature references.  Some previous examples are available.  
  • The project proposals will be subject to approval by the CCA Directors.
  • The students have an external supervisor from the partner organisation and a University co-supervisor.
  • The students select a project of their choice from a booklet of project descriptions.
  • The external project is undertaken during the latter half of the Michaelmas term through to the Lent term (1st November 2017 to March 2018) and should be about 160 hours work.  
  • On completion, the students write a report of around 10 pages which will be assessed. Students are also required give a 20 minute presentation to the cohort of students and supervisors.  In addition, we would like feedback from the external supervisors on the outcome and any impact resulting from the project.

Project Submission Process

Please send proposals (using the template) or enquiries by email to Dr Stephanie North, Knowledge Transfer Facilitator, and copy Tessa Blackman, CCA Group Secretary,