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Customising your display under XUbuntu

Display issues

If you experience a problem with your monitor, try the following tips before emailing help@maths with the name and location of your computer and a description of the problem.

Blank screen
  • Check for power lights on the monitor and computer to ensure they are both switched on. It is normal for Maths computers to power down when unused.
  • If the monitor won't turn on, check its power cable hasn't come loose.
  • Wiggle the mouse to deactivate the screen saver.
  • To isolate the problem, try disconnecting the monitor from the computer. A working monitor will then display a test pattern.
Wrong resolution, flickery or blurred screen, display not correctly positioned on monitor
  • Reboot the computer with the monitor switched on to allow the autodetection to work.
  • Most monitors have an "auto adjust" button or menu option which will align the display with the monitor.
  • If the default (highest) resolution is wrong for you, see below for how to adjust it.

Monitor resolution

For safe working you need to ensure that the monitor on your desk is running at the correct resolution for you. When we set up your computer we have no idea what resolution suits you, so the resolution is set automatically by querying the monitor to determine the highest resolution it can cope with.

To view or change your monitor's resolution, go to Settings Manager -> Display. You can try out different resolutions much as you would on a Windows machine.

General appearance preferences

Settings Manager -> Appearance can be used to change the "look and feel" of your desktop. Individual applications such as Terminal and Firefox may also have options to customise their colours and fonts.

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