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The service provides a cross-platform method of connecting to machines in the CMS using only a web browser - on a computer, tablet or mobile.

Quick start:

Log in using your Maths username and password.

The hotdesk login screen.

Select your machine from the list by name, or search for it using the Filter box. (If you don't remember your machine's name, rdsthree and rdsfour are available for public use.)

Type to select a machine

Double click to connect.

Some hints:

  • For best results, set your browser to the size you'd like the connection to be before connecting.
  • Access the menu by CTRL-SHIFT-ALT or swiping to the left from the right-hand edge of the screen: configure keyboard, mouse, copy-and-paste and zoom here.

Full documentation:

This service runs Apache Guacamole, with just a smattering of configuration to determine who can log in to which machine. While it's relatively intuitive to get started, they provide full documentation to help.