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How to include video and audio on personal web pages

The Streaming Media Service

Videos and audio streams are valuable additions to web pages. Unfortunately they take a lot of space, and they also slow down the department web servers as people download them. Instead of storing video and audio content on the Maths servers, please use a dedicated video-sharing site and embed the audio and video in your pages. Clicking Share beneath a video will provide you with the HTML code for this.

The University has a Streaming Media Service ( for audio and video content for the different departments and colleges across the University. In addition to hosting your videos and audio material this service also automatically converts it into different formats to serve various audiences. For example people can stream the content or download it at a variety of resolutions.

Despite the name the Streaming Media Service does not have the technology for live streaming of events for which we use YouTube. Please consult help@maths for more details. The resulting videos can be embedded in your web pages in the same way as those stored on the SMS.

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