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How to add a signature to your emails

An email signature is a block of text which is automatically included at the end of every email you send, generally including your name and affiliation and perhaps your preferred email address and a link to your website. Generally it should be no longer than four lines of 80 columns each.

Hermes webmail

  • Select "Settings" (the gear icon) from the toolbar at the top of the page.
  • Select "Identities" from the left-hand menu and click on the identity you want to create a signature for. Most people will only have one identity. If you have more then repeat these steps for each one.
  • Type your signature in the box and click Save.
  • Select Preferences from the left menu and Composing Messages from the right and check that the "Automatically add signature" option is set to "always".

DAMTP/DPMMS/Statslab webmail

Click Manage in the top menu bar, then Preferences, then the blue Compose tab. Type your signature into the box and click "Change for this and future sessions".


Click on your email address at the top of the left-hand menu, then "View settings for this account". Either type your signature or tick the box to attach it from a file and browse for the file. Click OK to save your settings.

Pine and mutt

Create a file called .signature in your home directory and pine and mutt will include it in your emails automatically.