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A place to keep track of questions which are asked fairly often.

Can I schedule a recurring meeting?

Yes. Zoom has a number of ways of supporting this, depending on what sort of calendar you use:

Can I share my zoom licence?

Letting more than one person use a zoom account is against Zoom's terms and conditions; please don't do that. Moving licence between people is possible (if a bit of a manual process), so that's a better option. Contact if you have a need to do that and we'll do what we can to help.


Do I have to remember yet another password? Can't I use Raven?

Zoom accounts of the form can be authenticated through Raven. Open and click sign-in to be redirected to Raven.

It is also possible to authenticate through Google and thence to Raven. (All members of the University have a google account of the form which is authenticated through Raven.)

To authenticate through Google: select "Sign in with Google" from the screen.

Give your address as the account to log in to google with and you'll end up at the familiar raven page; the magic should 'just work'.

Is this like a Pro account?

The Faculty licences are the "Education" level. Zoom seem a bit shy about exactly what level that is and don't provide many details online. The best guide is to expand the 'Full plan comparison' at and read the 'Business' column.

One small difference; we get only 0.5GB/person of cloud storage, not the 1GB/person listed there.

Surely I'm due more than $0 refund?

Zoom agreed that holders of existing (paid-for) accounts would get pro-rated refunds when their accounts were merged into the Faculty pool. Some people have reported going through the steps to merge into the pool only to be greeted with a message offering them $0 for a refund.

This issue has been raised with Zoom, who say:

Sometimes the billing system automatically flags up a refund of $0.00 - but the owner will definitely get pro-rated refund. (Matt Smiles, Zoom, 2020-10-02, by email)

When pressed on the timing, Matt went on:

Once a user is consolidated into your account, it can take up to 7 working days for the refund to show on the account. (Matt Smiles, Zoom, 2020-10-06, by email)

If you are expecting a refund, have waited 7 working days and have not received it, please let Frank know so he can chase up the matter with Zoom.

Can I host multiple meetings?

Our (educational) licence allows us to host two meetings at a time: full details at

Attempting to host more than two meetings will lead to problems like meetings closing spontaneously, participants being removed from meetings and other chaos.