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User-friendly addresses and role addresses

User-friendly addresses

If you are a current member of staff, student or long-term visitor, you are entitled to choose a user-friendly email address in addition to the addresses and which were set up automatically along with your computer account. Your user-friendly address must include your surname and inappropriate addresses will be removed without warning.

At present you can only configure your user-friendly address from a Maths desktop or a machine connected to the Maths VPN.

The benefits of having a user-friendly address are:

  • It looks more professional in publications.
  • After you leave the CMS, we can redirect email to all your Maths, DAMTP, DPMMS and Statslab addresses for as long as you have an academic need, whereas your @cam address will be cancelled.

How to set up your user-friendly address:

To request that your user-friendly address be advertised on your department's "people" pages, please email the relevant administrator.

or set it up at: -> Self Service -> My Email Addresses

Role addresses

Staff can also use this self-service system to set up role addresses. A role address is used for a specific work-related purpose rather than for your personal email, and mail sent to it is often delivered to more than one person. For example if a group of people are organising a conference, they might set up a role address ourconference@maths which is forwarded to all their personal accounts.

Caveat: this type of role address is an alias which forwards to several email addresses. For secretarial/admin roles it is preferable to ask help@maths to set up a Hermes shared mailbox because this is better integrated with Outlook and Thunderbird which the admin staff use and allows new people joining the role to view past emails easily.

As for personal user-friendly addresses, it takes 10 minutes for a new role address to go live and inappropriate addresses will be removed without warning.