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Other Email Services

This page covers display email addresses, user-friendly email addresses, role mail aliases and role mailboxes.

Display Email Address

Set your web profile display address.   ( how to access the Maths network remotely)

Contact Email Address

This is an external address we can contact you on. It is optional.  Unless you are a collaborator when it is compulsory.  You can add it via the same link as the above.


Role Alias

A role alias is an email address used for a specific work-related purpose rather than for your personal email address.  Email sent to a role email alias is forwarded on to one or more other email addresses.   For example if a group of people are organising a conference might requires a role address ourconference@maths which is forwarded to all their personal email addresses. 

If you need a role email alias please contact your group/pavilion secretary (DAMTP) or Julia Blackwell (DPMMS).  Provide:

  • The alias you want (which may *not* look like a crsid, username, or personal alias)
  • How long you need it for
  • Which addresses are to receive the mail sent to the alias
  • The purpose of the address

If you find your role alias is redirecting to a lot of people, you may be better off arranging for a mailing list, putting each person on that and redirecting the role alias to it.  

To retire a role alias contact your secretary (as above).  Decide wheter the alias is to be deleted (it could be used by someone else later on) or disabled.  If disabled then what is to happen if it is emailed (the sender receives the standard email addresss not found message, you provide a message for the sender, maybe refering them to a webpage or other resource, or the email is quitely dropped (the sender receives no email back). 

Role Mailbox

Sometimes it is not appropriate for email to go to a personal email mailbox or there is a need for a mailbox ot be shared.  For this we use a role mailbox.  
To arrange for a role mailbox contact the maths helpdesk.   To start off in your email let help@maths know

  • which maths (DAMTP, DPMMS, Maths or Statslab) email aliases should be connected to the new role mailbox.  
  • who needs access to the mailbox (for example the Graduate Office, or a specific set of people)