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The Magma Computational Algebra System for Algebra, Number Theory and Geometry. University of Sydney.

We currently have a licence to run MAGMA on chromium, coral, arthas and cheesecake. MAGMA is installed centrally but will only run on these four machines due to the licensing. All users may access these machines. (If you attempt to run magma on another machine, you'll receive a message indicating which machines are licensed.)

Typing "magma" will run the most recently installed version - "magma --version" will tell you the version of magma installed. (This software is not automatically updated; if you would like a newer version to be installed please email help@maths. "ls /alt/bin/magma*" will show all versions installed - we usually retain one old version when updating.)

John Cremona's database of all elliptic curves of conductor up to 499,999 is also installed. If you want any of the other additional databases at installed or updated please let help@maths know too.

Desktop machines power off when idle - they know that they aren't idle if they are running magma calculations. You can turn them on remotely by running e.g. wake coral from any other maths Linux machine or by making an SSH connection through ssh.maths.

DPMMS users with experience of MAGMA include J Button, Sven Cats, Dr Fisher, Sam Frengley Prof. Scholl, DrĀ Hanneke Wiersema and S Zhai.