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Faculty of Mathematics


The Faculty Board is constituted according the regulations laid down in the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge:

Members include the Heads of the Departments, members elected by the Professors in the Faculty, members appointed by the University Council, members elected by the Faculty at its annual meeting, co-opted members and three student members (two undergraduates and one graduate) who are elected, one year at a time, by the student body. The Board meets six times a year.


The unreserved agendas and minutes of the Faculty Board can be inspected from Cambridge ( Systems only. See left hand menu for links.


Members serve until the end of the Calendar Year unless otherwise stated

Class a(i):  2 Heads of Department
Professor N Peake   30/09/2020
Professor J Norris   30/09/2023
Class a(ii): 3 Professors elected by the Faculty for 4 years
Professor R J Samworth   2021
Professor B C Allanach   2021
Professor I Grojnowski   2020
Class b: 2 members appointed by the Council after consultation with the General Board for 2 years
Dr R Camina   2019
Dr A I Pesci   2020
Class c: 8 members elected by the Faculty for 4 years
Dr R Bauerschmidt   2022
Professor E P S Shellard   2021
Professor R Jozsa   2019
Professor G I Ogilvie   2022
Dr S Martin   2019
Professor A G Thomason Chair 2022
Dr O Rath-Spivack   2020
Dr S M Colwell   2022
Class d: Up to 5 members co-opted for one calendar year at a time
Dr J M Evans Director of Undergraduate Education 2019
Dr J Wolf Director of Taught Postgraduate Education 2019
Prof J R Lister Chair, Teaching Committee 2019
Dr S J Cowley Chair, MUAC 2019
Prof C P Caulfield DoS Convenor 2019
Class e: Representatives of cognate bodies for one year at a time
No members
Class f: 3 student members elected by the students for one year at a time
Miss C L Hong (PET) Undergraduate 30/11/2019
Miss J Wang (PET) Undergraduate 30/11/2019
Mr Z Zhang (W) Graduate 30/11/2019
Dr J Bellingham Secretary of the School of the Physical Sciences Permanent
Professor N Swaminathan Faculty Board of Engineering 2019
Professor A Pitts Faculty Board of Computer Science & Technology 2019
Dr J A Neufeld Faculty Board of Earth Sciences & Geography 2019
Professor C Haniff Faculty Board of Physics & Chemistry 2019