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The Faculty Board is constituted according to the regulations laid down in the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge:

Members include the Heads of the Departments, members appointed by the University Council, members elected by the Faculty at its annual meeting, co-opted members and three student members (two undergraduates and one graduate) who are elected, one year at a time, by the student body. The Board meets six times a year.


The unreserved agendas and minutes of the Faculty Board can be inspected from Cambridge ( Systems only. See left hand menu for links.


Members serve until the end of the Calendar Year unless otherwise stated.

Class a(i):  2 Heads of Department
Professor C-c P Caulfield   30/09/2025
Professor J Norris   30/09/2023
Class a(ii): 3 Professors elected by the Faculty for 4 years
Professor R J Samworth   2021
Professor B C Allanach   2021
Professor I Grojnowski   2020
Class b: 2 members appointed by the Council after consultation with the General Board for 2 years
Dr A Keating   2021
Dr A I Pesci   2020
Class c: 8 members elected by the Faculty for 4 years
Dr R Bauerschmidt   2022
Professor E P S Shellard   2021
Professor R Jozsa   2023
Professor G I Ogilvie   2022
Dr S Martin   2023
Professor P H Haynes Chair 2020
Dr O Rath-Spivack   2020
Dr R Reid-Edwards   2022
Class d: Up to 5 members co-opted for one calendar year at a time
Dr J M Evans Director of Undergraduate Education 2020
Prof J R Lister Chair, Teaching Committee 2020
Dr M Ubiali DoS Convenor 2020
Dr J Wolf Director of Taught Postgraduate Education 2020
Class e: Representatives of cognate bodies for one year at a time
No members
Class f: 3 student members elected by the students for one year at a time
Mr B Laurense (T) Undergraduate 30/11/2020
Mr M Yin (T) Undergraduate 30/11/2020
Mr B Mehta (T) Graduate 30/11/2020
Professor A Pitts Faculty Board of Computer Science & Technology 2020
Dr J A Neufeld Faculty Board of Earth Sciences & Geography 2020
Professor N Swaminathan Faculty Board of Engineering 2020
Professor C Haniff Faculty Board of Physics & Chemistry 2020
Dr J Bellingham Secretary of the School of Physical Sciences Permanent