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CMS Information Screen - Information for Department Managers

This information is intended for people who are responsible for managing their department's content on the CMS Information Screens.

The feeds for the four departments - DAMTP, DPMMS, the INI and the CMS - originate from four lists on If someone wishes their seminar series to be added to your department, from the list page on click "Add to your list(s)" and select the appropriate "Aggregator" list. Similarly, to add a talk which is already on, visit the talk page and click "Add to your list(s)".

To add a specific "one-off" event such as a leaving party, visit the aggregator list page and click "Add a new talk". Complete the details as normal. The speaker can be left blank if you wish, and the abstract and special messages are ignored. Please ensure that you leave the "privacy" button ticked - i.e. that you don't make this talk available via searches.

CMS pages

The information is handled here in a different way from the other departments. Only the title and (optional) speaker are displayed - the date, time and venue are suppressed. This is because the CMS information often needs to be displayed for several days, weeks and months. In order to do this, the start date should be completed with the last day on which you wish the message to be displayed. For instance, if the Facilities Manager needs to notify people that the pavilion doors will be locked between now and Monday 11 February, a talk should be created with the title 'CMS Pavilion Doors will be locked until Monday 11 February' with a start date of 11 February and the speaker 'Facilities Manager'.