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Moving / disconnecting computers

Moving computers

If you would like your computer moved to another network socket in your office, please ask help@maths rather than moving it yourself. There are several reasons for this policy.

  • Someone else might be running a background job on the computer.
  • Not all network sockets are wired up to the main network, so if a computer is plugged into the wrong socket it won't work.
  • We maintain a database of computers and their locations. Keeping this accurate helps us make sure that when a new person arrives, they have a desktop they can use.

Similarly, if you are moving office and want to take your computer with you email help@maths. It may not be necessary to move the computer, and if it is then we will need to update our records.

Disconnecting computers

  • Don't just switch computers off as someone else might be using them. Use the power icon or the shutdown or reboot command, all of which check that no-one else is using the PC before shutting it down.
  • If a computer is making an unpleasant noise email help@maths giving the office number and if possible the computer name.
  • If there is a redundant computer in your office, don't disconnect it from the network, unplug it or turn its power off at the wall, even if it is already switched off. This prevents other people from waking it up to run jobs on it. Please email help@maths who will arrange to redeploy it or have it recycled as appropriate.

Connecting laptops

Laptops and other user-managed computers may only be plugged into wall-ports which are connected to the laptop network. These ports are marked with a sticker or an orange cable. If you would like a port in your office to be connected to the laptop network please email help@maths.