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Zoom ( provides video-conferencing software, allowing video-calling from computers / phones etc.

Teaching support

To support teaching, the Faculty has bought some licences for Zoom; these licences are equivalent to the Business tier of service, so don't have the 40-minute limit on group meetings which can be up to 300 attendees in size. (See for all the features; one difference is that our cloud storage is only 0.5GB per person, not the 1GB of the Business tier.)

These licences will be distributed to:

  • All University Teaching Officers and Affiliated Lecturers,
  • All those involved with Lecturing or giving examples classes for Part III, and
  • Other people contributing to the Faculty teaching effort at the discretion of the Heads of Department.

Existing zoom accounts

Those people who are eligible for a zoom licence and who already have a zoom account may transfer their zoom account into the Faculty licence pool. They will be refunded for the un-used part of their account (if the account is a paid-for account).

This process has been tested (n=2) and shown not to change scheduled meetings associated with the account, nor the links to those meetings.

More details about joining the Faculty pool are available.

New zoom accounts

Those people who are eligible for a zoom licence and who do not already have a zoom account will be given new accounts of the form Emails will be issued from Zoom with a link to click for activation - and, of course, look very much like the phishing scams we all receive and ignore, so there's a screenshot below.

screenshot of Zoom invitation email. Text reads "Dr. Frank Lee has created a zoom account for you..."