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What is logged on the maths system

The following data is logged on the maths system.

  • We log the use of all our printers, who printed to which printer, when and how many pages.
  • Logs are made of traffic on the department and maths websites. What computer address access which page. If you are logged in with raven your crsid will also be logged for some pages.
  • Login records log when you logged in, where from, where to and when you logged out again.
  • A log entry is made whenever your laptop, tablet or mobile connects to the network using a university provided id. This includes the time of connection, which wireless point you used, your login name and the mac address of the device.
  • A log entry is also made for visitors using eduroam from a different instituation on our network. This includes the same information as above.
  • Any email going through a department email server has its date stamps, size, senders and recipients logged (we do not log the subject or the content).
  • We also log when you access email via pop or imap.
  • And finally we log whenever someone tries to obtain root privileges on a managed machine. That way we can help you find an alternative way to achieve whatever it is you are trying to do.

We only look at the logs when there is a problem, we are trying to trace a bug or we suspect misuse. Other, short-term, logging may be used to investigate individual issues; for example, monitoring network connections on a specific machine to diagnose intermittent faults with connectivity.