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Accessing your Maths Home Directory and Store Space from the Laptop Network

Samba access

Restrictions on access

Accessing your files over Samba will only work on the secure eduroam wireless network and the wired network. It will not work on the UniOfCam network, and nor will it work from outside the site even if you are using eduroam.

Accessing your home directory via samba requires a departmental Windows account. If you cannot remember your Windows password, run the command windows_password on any Maths Linux machine to set it to match your Linux password.

Your store space can be accessed over Samba in the same way as your home directory, except that e.g. needs to be replaced by

For role drives needs to be replaced by e.g. for the Pav F Secretary role drive.


To view your DAMTP home directory via a laptop running MacOSX. In the Finder select the "Go" menu -> "Connect to Server...", then in the Server Address field you can use smb:


There will be a login dialog asking for the Workgroup or Domain, Name and password. For our current setup the Domain should not matter. Enter your Departmental Windows username and password.

An icon will appear on your desktop - a globe with your username underneath. Double clicking on this opens a window with your Maths home directory files and directories inside.

To see your home directory via a terminal/shell window:

     cd /Volumes/loginname


Make sure your laptop has the file /sbin/mount.cifs installed so that it can mount Samba filesystems. On Ubuntu the command to install this program is

sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

Decide where you want to mount the directory, in this example /mnt/home. If this directory does not exist then create it (as the superuser)

     mkdir /mnt/home

Set the variable U to your username and copy the line starting with smbmount. Say the user is spq201 then

     mount -t cifs //$U /mnt/home -o username=$U,domain=MATHS

You will be prompted for a password - the password you must give is your Maths windows password, as you are using the Maths Samba server.

Your home directory is now mounted at /mnt/home. So that cd /mnt/home will show your Maths home directory.


In a command window type:

     net use N: \\\username /user:mathsdom\username

You will need to supply your Maths Windows password.

Unlike departmental windows computers you need to provide your windows username and password because your computer is not part of the Maths Windows domain, and you do not authenticate to the domain when you log on. If you are logged on to a domain member computer on the main network your credentials are passed automatically when you access the share.

Copying files

You can copy your files over ssh using a free graphical program such as winscp (Windows), cyberduck (MacOSX), or nautilus (Linux). Or you can use command-line tools such as sftp, scp or rsync. See the manual pages for details. Because these programs work over ssh, they can be used from any Internet-connected computer in the world, not just on the laptop network.

Remote logins

You can ssh/putty into a Maths computer from your laptop as you would from any other networked machine, or use Winex to run a graphical Linux session under Windows.