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Local/Department email information

This information is for people who read their email on the department server (also known as reading their email locally). If you do this your email redirection on your email page will show as email being sent to,, or If your email is sent to or this is not the section for you.


Maths mail system

If you have a good reason to not use the University's Exchange Online email system and are a member of research, academic or academic related staff in Maths you have an option of using the Maths mail server. They are very different from each other.

Both systems give you 100GB and both systems keep your existing email addresses functioning (@cam and @damtp, @dpmms, @maths and @statslab)

Both systems support role mailboxes.

Key differences from University system

University Email System

  • Allows you to use the Calendar tool in Microsoft Teams to schedule online Teams meetings
  • Integrates your email, calendars, contacts and tasks
  • Provides a modern web interface 
  • Dedicated Outlook mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Works weel with a number of modern email programs including Outlook and Apple Mail
  • You can migrate your email from Hermes to this system yourself.  Instructions and support are available. You can also get support from the maths helpdesk.  (
  • If you prefer to send from your department address email it to after you have migrated your mail so that it can be linked with your address
  • Will automatically turn off your vacation message on the date your provide
  • System to migrate your Hermes address book
  • (Shared) Role mailbox control is by person - you do not need a different password for each role mailbox.

This is the system people who are new to the university will have their email on and is the default choice.

Maths Email System

  • Currently supports older email programs (this may change) - for example mutt as well as newer programmes like Thunderbird and Apple Mail
  • Is not well supported in the Outlook email client.
  • Does not provide calendaring functionality nor integration to other Microsoft products
  • Allows people to have complicated mail filtering which they enjoy manually maintaining
  • Uses Roundcube as its web interface; this is the same system used by Hermes webmail
  • Will automatically turn off your vacation message on the date your provide
  • To migrate your mail is a manual multi step process
  • Usually only available to maths academic and research staff
  • Your email is stored locally on the Maths servers
  • You need to manually configure your email on phones and tablets. Instructions will be available
  • (Shared) Role mailbox control is optionally by password (this may change) - anyone with the password can access the mailbox

Web-browser Readers

If you like to read your email in a web-browser and are not sure if you will like the new university reader then you can try it out first by starting the migration to the new university email service. Only do the first pass. At this stage you have email on both Hermes and the new system.  Then you can stop and look at the web interface. ( Don't be put off by the colour, you can change its colour scheme quite easily.  If you decide you like it, then continue the migration process.  If you dislike it then stop and contact and you can move to the maths service which uses the same interface as


As mentioned above the new university email service integrates with calendaring; this is separate from the Google calendar you may already use.  If you collaborate with people who are using the new university service you may find they assume you are using the same calendar system, even if not immediately, then once Hermes closes this is likely to be more common.


If you have any questions or would like further assistance please email  them to   We will find it helpful if you could start moving your email sooner rather than later. You don't need to tell us if you are moving to the new university system, you do need to tell us if you are moving to the new maths email system (

As of 28 March 2021  Maths have over 650 active mailboxes on Hermes.