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General information and common problems

A common request is for help with accessing the CMS computers from a home or college machine. This can be a tricky problem to solve, as there are many different things that can go wrong, and we cannot sit at your computer and see exactly what it is doing or failing to do. If you have access to local help (such as a college Computer Officer) they will probably be able to fix your problem much quicker than we can.

There are many activities which fall under the general heading of "remote access". This section has information on the following:

There are also many operating systems which your home computer might be running. This document mostly covers Linux and Windows. Since MacOS is a Unix, anything involving the command line will be the same as for Linux. Matt Parry has kindly contributed some information on the Mail on Macs email client. If you have any tips about accessing the CMS computers from a Macintosh (or more obscure operating system) which you feel should be incorporated into our documentation, please email them to help@maths.

When You Can't Connect

Trouble logging in remotely

If you have been able to ssh in before but it isn't working now, the machine you are trying to connect to may have been switched off to save energy. The machine will be requested to wake if you connect through

Trouble accessing some web pages

  • Often access to a website is controlled by a password - for Cambridge websites Raven is generally used, and you are advised to apply for a Raven password if you do not have one already. This is convenient because it allows you to access the website from any computer in the world.
  • ejournals can be tricky for reasons ranging from Cambridge not having the issue you want to your Raven password not giving you journal access.
    Troubleshoot access to ejournals