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If all your email including your inbox is stored locally (applicable to many Statslab/DPMMS users), you need to add three lines to your .muttrc file.

set spoolfile="imaps://"
set folder="~/mail"
set record="=sent-mail"
  • folder may need to be set to "~/Mail" with a capital M for some people - it is the actual location of your mail folders.
  • record is the folder where your sent messages are stored. You can change the name, but do not remove the equals sign at the beginning which tells mutt to keep it in the same directory as your other folders.

If your inbox is on Hermes but your folders are stored locally, omit the "set spoolfile" line.

By default, mutt users are asked to confirm their username and type their password each time they launch mutt. You can change this by editing your .muttrc file to eliminate the request to confirm your username by adding the line:

set imap_user="USERNAME"

and if you want to avoid being asked for your password you can also add:

set imap_pass="PASSWORD"

to your .muttrc file. Of course the words USERNAME and PASSWORD need to be replaced by your actual username and password.