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Getting started with Windows in the CMS

Your Windows account

To log into Maths Windows machines you need a Windows account which is distinct from your Unix account. Sometimes the two passwords get out of sync. If you can log into Unix but not Windows, type windows_password to set your Windows password to match your Unix one. If this fails or you cannot log into Unix either, please email help@maths for a password reset.

Finding a Windows PC

Logging in

  • If necessary, switch the PC on and wait for it to boot.
  • You should see a blue screen telling you to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
  • There are now two possibilities depending on whether the machine has been configured to save the last logged-in user or not.
  • If it has, the computer will display the username e.g. \MATHS\abc99 and request a password. If the username displayed is incorrect then click on Switch User. Note: you don't need to type the \MATHS as this is the default domain.
  • Otherwise, simply enter your username and password.


Before requesting a Windows PC in your office, consider these options.

  • You may be able to do what you need to do with Unix tools - for example the program libreoffice is installed on all the Linux machines and can cope well with .doc and .docx files.
  • Connect to the Windows RDS server.
  • If you require large quantities of unusual software, consider working on your own laptop.

If you need to run a program which is not installed on the Maths Windows PCs then email help@maths. We will usually be able to install free programs but will have to think more carefully about any software which costs money.