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Profile pages

Every member of the Maths departments has an official web page, their "profile", with an URL of the form:


At the risk of stating the obvious, when you leave Maths, your profile will cease to exist.

Editing your profile

Please ensure you are logged in and then simply click the Edit button that should be on your profile page. This will allow you to add some text about yourself. Certain information is added to the profile from different sources.

Room number and phone number

If these are listing as incorrect then:
If you are in DAMTP then contact your group or pavilion secretary.
If you are in DPMMS please contact Julia Blackwell. 

You cannot change them yourself.

Your photograph and email address

To change the photo and/or email address that appears on your profile or to change the address of your personal web page(s), please go to the Maths database self-service webpage and click on your record to bring up a form where you can change some information about yourself including your photo, email address and location of your personal website. If you are not using a CMS computer then you will need to be running the Maths VPN or using the Hotdesk remote desktop client in order to access the database. Changes made in the database are propagated to the profile pages overnight.

You can force this to happen more quickly by making an edit to the text on your profile page and then saving the change. This will force the profile page to refresh itself and read the database.


To opt out of having your email, phone number or office displayed on your profile page please go to the maths database self service webpage linked above. 

Alternatively for phone and office opt-outs contact your group or pavilion secretary (DAMTP), or Julia Blackwell (DPMMS). 


Your publications are managed via the Symplectic Elements system.

User Pages

Some people have what we term 'User Pages'. These are published under:

To activate this page create an index.html file in your public_html folder. 

These pages are available to maths staff members and  research students.  When you leave your page will continue to exist for a few weeks.  If you wish to edit it to give your new details please do so before you leave. 

If you are collaborating with us after you leave, this gives you a computer account. It does not keep your profile page and user page open.