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Postgraduate Study in Mathematics



Research students who can continue to work on their project remotely but do not wish to remain in Cambridge should apply to work away from Cambridge (this can be done remotely).  This information is being collected only for pastoral reasons, in particular so that we know who is here and who is away. The University has waived the requirement to “keep terms” in residence in Cambridge and the UK Home Office has stated no action will be taken against students on Tier 4 visas who are unable to be in attendance as a result of the coronavirus in the coming weeks. A basic risk assessment should still be completed as part of your application.

Students who do not wish to remain in Cambridge and will not be able to continue to work on their project remotely should apply for non-medical intermission.  This may have funding and visa implications.

In either situation, you should discuss your plans and options with your PhD supervisor.

Students will continue to have their maintenance paid during this time.  For those paid via DAMTP or DPMMS this will be via BACS or cheque.  If you have not yet picked up your cheque and have left Cambridge already please do let us know ( so that we can post it to you.

Please speak to the Graduate Office if you are concerned about being present for an upcoming viva.  There are already procedures in place (e.g. skype etc) if you are unable to attend in person.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the graduate office (  

Please see the latest information from the University for Graduate Students 

The latest advice from The Board of Graduate Studies (re: PhD submission) can be found here

Advice on wellbeing can be found here 

Various postgraduate courses of a mathematical nature are available at the University of Cambridge, including both taught courses and research degrees.