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Printing From Your Laptop


Printing as described here only works if you are authenticated (Eduroam, Raven or UniOfCam ticket). If you are not then print jobs may be silently dropped. Printing works via wired and wireless.

Printer jobs are logged - who printed what and when.

We support 3 methods of printing from laptop client machines:

  • SMB printing (for Windows systems)
  • IPP based printing using CUPS (for MacOS-X and Linux systems)
  • LPD based printing (for traditional UNIX and some Linux systems)

Details for some common systems

Alternative - printing via a Maths desktop

If you cannot print from the laptop network you may be able to print from a Maths desktop provided that you have an account. This is most likely to be useful to those who are running an unusual version of Linux/Unix on their laptop.