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Welcome to Mathematics in Cambridge

From Newton and earlier to the present day, Cambridge Mathematicians have led the world.

We offer outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, and exceptional PhD programmes.

We carry out research of world class excellence spanning topics in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (at DPMMS), and Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (at DAMTP).

Our innovative education programmes and outreach events support teachers and school students worldwide, and share the excitement of the subject with the public.


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Cambridge Perspectives: The Cambridge Mathematics Placements Programme

James Bridgwater and Tim Hennock explain how the Cambridge Mathematics Placements Programme enables students to find out what the mathematics they are learning  can be used for, and to learn vital transferrable skills.

Building bridges with industry

Mathematics teaching at Cambridge is world-class, but what does the Faculty do to help students find their feet in the world of industry? It enables them to experience it first-hand through the Cambridge Mathematics Placements programme.

Cambridge snapshots: Amelia Drew

Amelia Drew, PhD candidate in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, talks about dark matter, being the only scientist in the family, and what it's like doing a PhD.

Less is more: The quest for minimal surfaces

Over the last 250 years mathematical objects called minimal surfaces have been playing hide and seek with geometers. Spencer Becker-Kahn is one mathematician who has joined the quest to find them

Stephen Siklos, 1950-2019

The Faculty is deeply saddened by the death of Stephen Siklos on 17th August, 2019. He was a former lecturer at DAMTP, Faculty Admissions Officer for many years, and known to thousands of students as the face of STEP.

'Nullius in verba': New Royal Society Fellows

Three members of the Faculty — Professors Caucher Birkar, Peter Haynes, and Richard Jozsa — have been elected Fellows of the Royal Society for their substantial contributions to mathematics.

Into the stratosphere

To predict the Earth's climate and weather you need to understand the fluid dynamics of atmosphere and oceans. Professor Peter Haynes, recently elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, is one of the mathematicians who provide this crucial understanding.

Information and the laws of physics

Professor Richard Jozsa, who has recently been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, studies the link between physics and information. His work laid the foundations of quantum computation and information and probes  fundamental  quantum theory.

We collaborate and consult with business, industry, governments, NGOs, charities, and fellow teachers and academics. We recruit worldwide. We value our alumnae and alumni.