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Welcome to Mathematics in Cambridge

From Newton and earlier to the present day, Cambridge Mathematicians have led the world.

We offer outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, and exceptional PhD programmes.

We carry out research of world class excellence spanning topics in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (at DPMMS), and Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (at DAMTP).

Our innovative education programmes and outreach events support teachers and school students worldwide, and share the excitement of the subject with the public.


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James Maynard wins Fields Medal

James Maynard, an alumnus of the Maths Faculty, has been award a Fields Medal at the 2022 International Congress of Mathematicians

Five Cambridge mathematicians to speak at the ICM 2022

Five mathematicians from the Mathematics Faculty have been invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), which takes place virtually in July.

COSMOS: From black holes to Hollywood

The COSMOS supercomputer, designed to probe the deepest mysteries of our Universe, has had a significant impact on high performance computing back here on Earth. The technical advances it has inspired power applications in a wide range of areas, from the medical sector to Hollywood CGI.

Supporting healthcare with AI

Could artificial intelligence support medical doctors in their work? The Cambridge Mathematics of Information in Healthcare Hub (CMIH) aims to make this vision a reality.

New Institute established to tackle climate change

The ground-breaking new Institute of Computing for Climate Science (ICCS) is taking the Faculty's role in tackling climate change into a new era.

Number theory: the excitement of the unexpected

Rong Zhou recently joined DPMMS as a Lecturer. We caught up with him to talk about equations that can’t be solved, surprising connections in number theory, and the energy of the Faculty.

We collaborate and consult with business, industry, governments, NGOs, charities, and fellow teachers and academics. We recruit worldwide. We value our alumnae and alumni.