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Missing software, incorrect PATH

If your colleagues have no trouble running a program from the command line, but when you try it you get a "Command not found" error message, this means that your PATH has been set incorrectly. It is probably missing the directory /alt/bin where some central software is kept.

We recommend that you customise your PATH by adding to it rather than by creating a new PATH from scratch. /alt/bin should appear before system directories such as /usr/bin so that if the Ubuntu version of a program is too outdated, we can put a newer version in /alt/bin and it will be run automatically. The default PATH is:


The central login scripts are located at: /alt/ssetup/shellconfig/

You can reset your login shell to the defaults using shellreset which is in the default path, but if your path does not include that then you can run it as /alt/bin/shellreset. Then log out and back in.

If the icon or menu entry for your program is missing or fails to work, but you can run it from the command line, this is a problem with your graphical setup. Use to reset it to the Ubuntu default.

If your program is not installed at all, email help@maths. If we think it will be of general use we will install it, otherwise we will encourage you to install it yourself in the /alt/applic/user-maint directory.