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Forwarding email from one address to another

If you have more email accounts than you need, it is useful to consolidate them by forwarding email. For example, visitors to the Statslab may prefer that email to their @statslab address is sent on to their home university. It's your choice how you organise your accounts, as long as you ensure that none of your email gets ignored.

Hermes users (all new users have their Maths email redirected to Hermes)

Log into Hermes webmail. Click on "Settings", "Mail Processing" and "Redirect", tick the "Enable" box, enter your forwarding address and click "Update".

More detailed instructions on the UIS website.

Local email users

Create a file called .forward (note the initial dot) containing just the email address you wish to forward your email to. This procedure will work on most Unix systems not just in the CMS.

Alternatively, download and modify a sample Exim filter file if you wish to keep a local copy of your forwarded email or forward only the non-spam. Rename the file to .forward to use it.

Beware of forwarding loops! If you forward email from address A to address B while simultaneously forwarding it from address B to address A, any email sent to either of these addresses will bounce back, so don't do that.

Your @cam address

You should have an email address of the form - many Cambridge people including the Computing Service will expect this address to work. This is not an email service itself; instead email to is forwarded to the address of your choice. By default it will go to your Hermes account if you have one.