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Forwarding email from one address to another

If you have more email accounts than you need, it is useful to consolidate them by forwarding email. For example, visitors to the Statslab may prefer that email to their @statslab address is sent on to their home university. It's your choice how you organise your accounts, as long as you ensure that none of your email gets ignored.

University Email (all new users have their Maths email redirected to their address)

Log into webmail:

Click on "Settings - cog wheel towards the top right" , "View all outlook settings" , "Forwarding"

If you want you can also set up a redirection from inside lookup  by changing your @cam delivery address.  But this must be as well, not instead. Allow a few hours for it to go live.

Department addresses (@damtp, @dpmms, @statslab, @maths)

Local email users

If you have a department alias it is usually redirected to your University Email. 

Information on who is eligible for these and other resources  is at: