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Maths TeX/LaTeX Letterheads

We have letterheads information available for:

Maths LaTeX Letterhead

We have adapted the class created by Dr Simon Moore in the Computer Laboratory for use in Maths. You can find his original versions and documentation for using the class lablet2001.cls.

We made a few minor changes for use in Maths and called the result mathslet, this class is in the standard latex search tree on all the UNIX/Linux/MacOSX machines.

  • altered the name and address to correspond to the CMS site
  • added a \institution to let people alter which name appears under the identifier e.g. \institution{Faculty~of~Mathematics} - defaults to "Centre for Mathematical Sciences"
  • add a mark to show where to fold for use with windowed DL envelopes, added a c5fold option to move the mark to a position suitable for use with windowed C5 envelopes and a nofold class-option to disable the mark
  • the University of Cambridge to the right of the crest is now in the document font rather than being part of an included image
  • the postcode can now be overridden, e.g. using \setpostcode{CB3~0WB} for DPMMS/Statslab

Note that altering the address used on the bottom left of the first page is currently not supported. Let us know if you need or want to do that.

A fairly trivial use of the mathslet class would be:

\setsigned{Yours faithfully,}{my signed name}
{Professor V.~Important}{Institute of Applied Rambling\\No such
building\\Another address line\\Town~~~Postcode\\Country}

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back.

See the file /alt/applic/texmf-ubuntu/tex/MATHS/latex/mathsleteg.tex for a slightly longer example or /alt/applic/texmf-ubuntu/tex/MATHS/latex/mathslet.cls for the class file itself - see the comments near the top of each.

Plain TeX Letterhead

To use the official Maths TeX letterhead in documents add the following line to your letter document.

\input camletterhead

To see this working look at the file /alt/applic/texmf-ubuntu/tex/MATHS/examplelet.tex. Note that the department can now be DAMTP, DPMMS, Statslab, the Faculty of Mathematics or the Millennium Mathematics Project.

Files: class, include and examples files

You may wish to modify a letterhead for your own use, e.g. to alter the default institution or change the address. The files you may be interested in reading/copying are in the system directory /alt/applic/texmf-ubuntu/tex/MATHS/ and its latex subdirectory.