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Configuring for Exchange Online

Important: In these instructions change spqr9 to your own crsid.

In your home directory run the command below. The brackets are part of the command.

( umask 077 ; touch ~/.pine-passfile )

Open Pine.

  • Go into settings ('M', 'S','C')
  • Set the smtp server to:
  • Set the inbox path to:

Save and exit settings

When you next do something that requires authentication, such as looking at your inbox, pine will start the OAuth2 authentication process. It will offer a choice of Outlook (Device) and Outlook (Authorize).

Choose Outlook (Device)

This will give you a URL to go to in a web browser; and a code to enter.

This may then redirect you to the standard sign in page for the new email service. Your sign in with your address.

If you have MFA enabled you may also be asked to authorize the login through the app on your mobile.  Do this.

Shortly afterwards pine will detect you have authenticated. Pine will now save the token so you do not keep having to do the above. Pine will ask you to a set a master password to protect your password.

If you ever forget the password you can delete your .pine-passfile file and go through the OAuth2 authentication process part again (having first ran the command at the very top of these instructions).

Go back to your mail and you should now see your inbox.

Next we add one more bit of configuration so you can see your folders.

To add a "folder Collection":

  • ('M', 'S' ,'L' ,'A')
  • Then beside Server put the following: {}
  • Save and done.

In all cases replace with your own