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All staff and students in maths should have a University email address in the form  of

How to access your email.

Introduction to Outlook

Please ensure that you regularly check your email.

Summer Migrations

To find a Cambridge email address




Visitors and collaborators do not usually receive a university email address.  Maths email address policy.

All staff and students should have a University Email Account.

Reading Email

 @cam address

Department Mailing lists

The department mailing lists use your University email address. Unless you are a visitor when it uses your contact email address.  If you need to change it please contact Please keep your group or pavilion secretary to update the address for you.  DPMMS visitors contact the dpmms admin team.  If you are not receiving cms-all emails your department, research group or pavilion emails please also contact the above people. 

Forwarding Email

If you wish to forward your email off site you must first check the University Policy that you are permitted to do so.

Section F item 18: - "Users must not use a private (i.e. non-@cam or -@<[sub-]domain>.cam) email account or private social media account to handle University or College personal or otherwise sensitive data."

The full policy is at:

If you need an exemption to the above policy see section I of the document for who to contact.

How to forward your email to another address


General email tips