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If you read your email on Hermes, and you have problems regarding lost email or people unable to email you (rare) then please contact the UIS Service Desk.

To find a Cambridge email address try the University's email directory (Raven password required) or the email and phone search (globally available). If you know their department or college, check whether the website has an email list.

To set up a user-friendly @maths address for yourself or a role address (e.g. for a conference) see user-friendly addresses and role addresses.

For all other queries contact the Maths helpdesk.

You may have multiple email accounts e.g. crsid@statslab and crsid@hermes. Please ensure that all your email addresses are checked regularly, especially your @cam address.

Table of Contents

Your @cam address

You should have an email address of the form - many Cambridge people including the Computing Service will expect this address to work. This is not an email service itself; instead email to is forwarded to the address of your choice. By default it will go to your Hermes account if you have one.

Hermes info

Local/Department email information

This information is for people who read their email on the department server (also known as reading their email locally). If you do this your email redirection on your email page will show as email being sent to,, or If your email is sent to or this is not the section for you.

Mailing lists

General email tips