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Troubleshooting XUbuntu Problems

First Try Rebooting

As always with computers, the first thing to try is a reboot which will clear up any stuck processes.

If you can't reboot the computer because it is in use, try logging out and back in. If that fails, kill all processes with xfce in their names before trying again. Don't do this while still logged into the console! ssh in or use a virtual console.

How to kill processes

Resetting XUbuntu

If you haven't made any changes to your X configuration that you need to keep, try this next, especially if your problems began when your computer's OS was upgraded.

If your desktop is messed up (e.g. ugly white background, icons missing from panel) you can reset it to the default settings. Pop up a terminal window via Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal or log in on a virtual console. Type and log out and back in.

Note: If you get a "Command not found" error message your PATH is messed up. Typing /alt/bin/ will work, and you should also consider running /alt/bin/shellreset to reset your shell startup files.

Clearing /tmp

If your graphical session is broken on one computer but fine on others, it may be caused by corrupted files in /tmp.

How to clear /tmp


Issues with graphical logins via Winex may be Winex's fault rather than XUbuntu's.

  • Try running Winex in debug mode.
  • Or tell it to ignore any existing Putty sessions.
  • Main page on winex