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GNU Scientific Library

GNU Scientific Library also known as GSL is installed on the department's Linux computers.

Where are the GSL Libraries?

On the desktop linux machines please use the module called 'gsl' to get the libraries on your paths.

  module load gsl

other machines

In /usr/lib64/ with most other systems libs (which is in the 'standard' search path for libraries).

What do I include at the top of a file of C code to make use of the GSL Libraries?

In your c code you need to #include the relevant headers, which would to be along the lines of:

  #include <gsl/gsl_math.h>

and then when compiling tell gcc to 'link' in the gsl library, with e.g.

  gcc -o app app.c -lgsl

and of course any extra options or libraries it may need.

How do I find out more about using GSL?

The online gsl manual can be viewed by running:

  info gsl

The GSL webpage is at

What version of GSL has Maths got installed?

To query which version of GSL is installed at any time you can use the gsl-config command as in:

  gsl-config  --version