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Email settings (how to configure email programs)

For email clients such as Thunderbird to work, they need certain information such as the servers to use for incoming and outgoing email and the protocols to use when connecting to these servers.

  • If you use webmail, all necessary configuration has been done on the server.
  • If you use a supported email program on a Maths managed desktop, it will have been configured for you.

University Information Services have a page detailing how to configure many email clients for use with Hermes. Old users whose email is stored locally on the Maths (Statslab, DPMMS or DAMTP) mail system should follow these instructions but change the names of the incoming and outgoing mail servers to and

Visitors are advised to discuss remote access to their email with their local computer support before their visit, as we have no way of knowing the name of your mail servers or whether they will work with the secure settings recommended for Hermes.