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Mailing list membership

Types of mailing list

Many of our mailing lists are managed by the Computing Service using Mailman. You can check and edit your subscriptions to these lists online.

  • All lists with addresses ending in are managed by the UCS.
  • Some other lists may be "aliases" for a managed list. For example, email to ia@maths is forwarded to

We also have some locally configured mailing lists, especially in DPMMS and Statslab, and some "lists of lists" such as cms-all@maths. To subscribe or unsubscribe to a local mailing list you must email help@maths.

Checking and editing your subscriptions

  • Go to this UCS Mailman page.
  • It is easiest to subscribe to Cambridge lists using your @cam address. Click "Log in using Raven" to see which lists you are subscribed to.
  • Click on a mailing list to unsubscribe, view the list archives or edit your subscription options.
  • To subscribe to a new list, go back to the initial Mailman page, search for your list and click on it. Note that for some lists a moderator will have to approve your subscription request.

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