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Mailing list membership

Types of mailing list

The maths faculty manages many of the lists used within the faculty but people can also create their own lists.

Faculty-managed lists

The faculty-managed lists have their membership set from the department database.  Most people are on their department list, the CMS list, a pavilion list and a status list.  Members of DAMTP are usually also in a research group list. Your research group list is usually maintained by your pavilion or group secretary. 
Check your lists page to see which lists you are on.

Maths Lists 

If you are missing any contact your pavilion secretary (pavilions H, G and F) or the head of department secretary (pavilions C, D and E) or your group secretary (pavilion B).

Other lists

The list service is ran by the UIS.

Click here for more information on lists including how to request a new one.

Each mailing list will have one or more owners.  To find the owners of a mailing list, find the list, click on its name and there you will find the list of owners and an address to contact them on.