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  • to run the latest text version: maple
  • for the graphics version: xmaple

To run older versions of Maple please use:

  • maple-VERSION_NUMBER, e.g. maple-2018
  • xmaple-VERSION_NUMBER e.g. xmaple-2018

Maple on Maths desktops

We have a licence for 4 concurrent users for Maple on Maths Desktops which are available remotely.

Home Use

We have a limited number of Maple licenses for laptop/home users available to researchers and PhD students - others should use the Maths desktops. If you need a licence please email with the following information:

  • For Mac and Linux users we will need to know the MAC address of a network card in the PC/laptop
  • Windows 10/11 may randomly change the MAC address of WiFi interface. If the laptop does not have an Ethernet card please provide the Disk Serial Number as returned by command vol.