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User Installed and Maintained Software

We have a shared directory in /alt/applic/user-maint/ where people share software they have installed with other users of the system.

To install programs

  • Create directory for yourself inside /alt/applic/user-maint naming¬† it after your crsid using command: user-maint-maker create. Please use the directory only for installing software. Make sure that the installed software do not generate any large data there. As a general rule 10GB quotas are imposed for the directories.
  • Keep an INDEX file (examples in df224 and mr349 directories) in your directory. This file is used to generate the software list and should contain an up to date list of what you've installed in user-maint and brief notes for others regarding what it does and how to run it.
  • Leaving Maths? If your code may be useful to people, please leave it.¬† Make sure you are contactable. Set your department email redirect if you are keeping your department login open and your department email autoreply for when your department login is closed.

Running Programs

  • The path to the program begins /alt/applic/user-maint/crsid-of-installer/ . It should be clear from the INDEX file how to find the program. If not look in bin sub-directories, look in README files or email the installer.
  • The installer of a program is contactable by emailing
  • If you regularly use a program creating an alias or adding it to the end of your path can reduce typing. Learn more about paths and aliases