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Degree Committee and Graduate Education


About the Degree Committee

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Mathematics is responsible for oversight of postgraduate education and postgraduate student matters within DAMTP and DPMMS. This includes matters relating to individual student circumstances, as well as giving due consideration to broader issues that may affect postgraduate policy and procedures across the Faculty. The Committee membership comprises ex officio and co-opted representation from both Departments.

Routine matters are progressed on a daily basis by the Faculty Postgraduate Office on behalf of the Committee.  Routine matters include:

  • recommendations for admission to the University as a Postgraduate Student
  • applications due to a change of circumstance (e.g. intermission, leave to work away, supervision changes)
  • monitoring of student progress/supervision reports and approval for PhD registration

All non-routine matters are considered at a formal meeting of the Committee.  Such matters include:

  • decisions on examination outcomes (i.e. recommendations for award of the PhD degree, or award of the MPhil or MRes degree; examinations allowances)
  • student complaints and appeals
  • recommendations for withdrawal of postgraduate students, or recommendations for registration to a lower degree
  • consideration of Higher Degree assessments
  • review of applications for new postgraduate programmes

Meeting dates

The Mathematics Degree Committee meets eight times a year. In addition, the Committee approves routine matters (for example appointment of PhD examiners) by circulation approximately every two weeks between meetings.  Between June and September action on routine matters is devolved by the Committee to the Chair. The current meeting schedule is available here.

Note: Appointment of PhD and MSc Examiners will take place either at a Committee meeting or at an interim meeting by circulation.  Students may submit whenever they are ready, but PhD theses will not be sent to examiners until formal appointment has been confirmed by the Committee.  See Examination Procedures for further information.


Enquiries may be made to Ms Pilar Alonso, Postgraduate Office Manager either in person or via

Information for postgraduate students and supervisors

Information for Current PhD Students:

CCA students may also wish to consult the CCA Staff and Student Portal

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