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How to set your From address in popular email programs

This document explains how to add your name and email address to your email program.




In the menu of accounts on the left hand side, find the account whose From line you wish to change, and right-click on it. Select Settings.

In the dialogue box that pops up enter what you want to appear as your name in the Your Name field, and what you want to appear as your email address in the Email address field.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Go to File -> Info
  • Select your personal account
  • Click Account Settings, move mouse down and click Account Settings again
  • Highlight account and click Change
  • Edit contents of Your Name and Email Address boxes
  • Click Next then Finish.


Start pine/alpine and log in using your IMAP username and password, then press S to enter setup and C to enter the config options.

Page down until you have Customized Headers highlighted and press Enter. Then enter exactly what you would like to appear in the From line, e.g.:

From: A. Other <>

Then search for Alternate Addresses, press Enter and enter just your friendly email address (e.g. This will ensure that your sent messages are displayed correctly in folder index listings.

Press E to exit setup and Y to commit your configuration changes.


Edit your .muttrc file to include the line:

set from="Dr Alice Other <>"


Edit your .mailrc file to include the line:

set from="Alice Other<>"

Android (tested on Samsung Galaxy S5 mini)

On Android devices it does not seem possible to change the From address on an existing account, but a new account can be configured with your choice of From address. Follow the UIS's instructions for making secure connections using an Android device, but replace with your preferred address. If your email is stored on our local server (staff only) then use  imap.statslab and smtp.statslab.

In the examples in this page we use @statslab. This can be changed to @damtp and @dpmms depending on your department affiliation.  To obtain the address A.Other@statslab Alice would have contacted the maths helpdesk to request it.