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Collecting, setting, resetting passwords

You will have 2 passwords:

1. Your Raven password which is linked to your crsid and is used to access various University services

2. Your Maths password which is used in conjuction with your Maths account (which is usually, but not necessarily, the same as your crsid). This is used to login to Maths computers, to access the Maths VPN and the Maths database

Raven password

For information on setting/resetting your Raven password please go here:

If you need a password reset token you will need to visit the Maths Helpdesk and bring some form of identification.

Maths password

You can set/reset this here:

Please note that to access this page you will need your Raven credentials. Also, this method of resetting your Maths password will work even if your Maths account has a different name to your crsid.

For visitors or collaborators who not have full Raven access they will need to collect their initial Maths password from their administrator. They can reset their Maths password on the computer that they have logged into using the appropriate commands for that computer (eg Windows or Linux)

Please avoid making them the same, writing them down, sharing with colleagues, and do avoid easy-to-guess passwords.