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Directors of Studies have responsibility for the academic life of the undergraduate students reading the Mathematical Tripos in their College. They play a key role by advising on course choices and arranging supervisions (the small-group teaching sessions which characterise Cambridge undergraduate education). The Senior Tutors' Committee has issued a role description of Director of Studies.

The Faculty provide (internal access only, Raven authentication may be required):

Directors of Studies Meetings

The Directors of Studies in Mathematics meet twice a year to discuss matters concerning the Mathematical Tripos, including admissions and supervisions. Their views are fed in to Faculty Board.


Responsibility for hosting and convening the meetings passes to a different College each academical year, following a rota agreed by the Directors of Studies.

  • The host College for 2023-24 is Homerton, and the Joint Convenors are Anthony Ashton <> and Simon Wadsley <>
  • The rota for convening the meetings of the Directors of Studies in Mathematics
  • The Convenor is co-opted as a member of the Faculty Board (if not already a member in their own right)


Minutes of the biannual meeting of the Directors of Studies in Mathematics (internal access only, Raven authentication required)