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Information Screens in the CMS

The CMS now has an information screen at the entrance to the Central Core, another facing in to the core, and displays in each of the pavilion common rooms.

These screens are mostly used to display information about talks and seminars at the CMS. The information is obtained from which has much helpful online documentation. The following links contain tips on how to add talks to so that they are displayed on the CMS infoscreens.

Emergency Messages

If you would like an important/urgent message displayed on one/all of the screens then please mail help@maths.

The Display on the Screens

The information and images displayed on the screens which you can point any web-browser at (you will need to wait a few seconds).

Wasting Electricity

Turning off the screens will waste energy and compromise Health and Safety.

Yes, really. The feed to the screens is from a computer system that uses electricity. Turning off an information screen saves a very minimal amount of power and wastes the electricity being used by the computers that provides the images.
The information screens are sometimes used to display emergency messages, but not if they are turned off.

If you really think an information screen should not be where it is please send a well argued, clear, fact based justification to help@maths as we can find other uses for these rather nice screens.