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Email filtering


Email filtering refers to automatically processing your incoming email rather than simply having it all dumped in your inbox without distinction. This can include:

Hermes and Exchange Online Users

Hermes users can set up email filters via the webmail menus (go to Settings then Mail Processing). Exchange Online users can use Exchange Online's Rules.

Email handled with exim e.g. Maths local email

On systems which handle their email with exim (most Cambridge systems including Statslab, DPMMS and DAMTP) email filtering is configured via the .forward file. This is the same file which is used for simply redirecting all email to another address. Exim recognises a filter file because it begins with the line

# Exim filter

(possibly with extra text on the end, such as "do not edit or remove this line").

Users who redirect their email may wish to do the filtering at the other end, but redirecting it with a filter file provides greater flexibility, including the options to keep a local copy and to filter out the spam and only forward the non-spam.

To filter your email, download and edit a sample .forward file (right-click to download, and rename to .forward before use). This should also be applicable on other systems which run exim. Note: In its unmodified state this file does nothing because every line is commented out.