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Getting started with computing in Maths

Arrange for a login on the maths computers. All new research students and new staff are expected to have one.

Who to contact to arrange for a maths login

The login gives you access to our Maths Linux desktop and our Windows systems.

Handout for new users

To do

  1. Change all your initial passwords

  2. Check your entry on the email and phone list (it may take up to a week after you arrive for it to be created).


  3. Subscribe to the maths email lists


  4. Choose which maths email address you are using (@maths, @dpmms, @statslab or @damtp) and add it and your other details to The university address book.

  5. Also add your department address (department = damtp, dpmms, maths or statslab) to Hermes web interface. Log into the university webmail system and add your email address to your account. (Go to Manage -> Preferences -> Display tab -> Alt Addresses option).

Local computing information for new users