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Collecting your Maths computer account details

To have a Maths account you must first have obtained a CRSid from the University's central IT services (UIS).  If you don't have one or are unsure then contact the  people below.  If you do have one but cannot recall the password then visit the Maths helpdesk office with photo id.  Once you have your CRSid and password you can then set your Maths account password online at Maths Password Service

If your Maths account details are not waiting for you when you arrive please contact:

If you are a research student the Maths Postgraduate Office may be better placed to assist you.

You will need your Maths account to access some of our services including access to any Maths computer (either from your CMS office, via ssh, PuTTY, or the Hotdesk remote desktop utility), the Maths VPN, the Maths database.