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Welcome to the Maths IT webpages.

These pages are intended to help staff, students, and visitors to the CMS get the most out of the IT facilities. If you are new to the CMS then please look under the New Starters sub-menu for information to get you up and running.

Our web pages focus primarily on Maths IT resources and will refer you to the UIS webpages for services that are managed centrally. Such services will include Email, Eduroam, MFA and collaboration tools such as the Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint.

The Maths IT computer network comprises 500 desktop PCs of which 100 run Windows 10/11 and the rest run ubuntu. Generally the ubuntu machines are used by students and academic staff and the Windows machines are used by administrative and support staff. The network can also be accessed by your own personal devices either on-site (typically connecting via Eduroam) or remotely. In both cases, access from personal devices is made easier by connecting to the Maths VPN but this is not always essential.

If you need a Zoom licence for your work please read the instructions here.