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If you have received an email informing you that your Maths account is due to close please do not ignore it even if you think it is an error. Receiving such an email unexpectedly may be perplexing, worrying or annoying but please read through the relevant Q&As to understand why you may have received this, and how to change it if appropriate.

Leaver Notes:

Additional Questions and Answers (below)

Important: If you receive an email that says you are leaving and you are not always check it. 
Check your end date it the self service.  If its wrong get it fixed. Your group / pavilion admin will be able to advise you.  The computer logins just do as the database entry tells them to do so.  Maths IT cannot 'just hold open' your login.  But your group / pavilion admin or HoD PA (DPMMS) will know who you can contact to get things fixed).
Ask your group or pavilion admin to check the dates for you.

If you need to set up a collaboration or are continuing as a visitor the questions below will tell you what to do to ensure this is correctly set up with the resources you need for the work you are doing.

Glossary used in this document:

Academic - those who can authorise collaborations.
(List:  DAMTP, and DPMMS  )

BOM - Business and Operations Manager.  Contact dpmmssec@dpmms ( and damtpsec@maths ( 
BOM used to be known as Department Administrator or Department Secretary.
HoD PA  - Head of Department PA.

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I am a visitor and will be returning in nine months for another three month visit. Can I keep my account open.

Your account will close between the visits. If you and your host need to keep the data we suggest copying it to your group's storage space or onto an external drive.  Otherwise the data is removed six months after account closure.

If the data will be needed by you between your visits then discuss with your host if a collaboration is appropriate. They will contact their secretary to set it up if they agree to this.

What happens to my University e-mail when I leave?

Refer to the UIS webpages for the latest guidance.


Can I send emails from my department address after I have left?

If you have collaborator access  but are not authorised for department email  alias you may not send.

If you are in your account close time grace period then you may. 


HoD / BOM turned down my request for extra resources or academic does not agree that I need extra resource


Correct action:

Ask yourself do you really need them. 

If you do then you can appeal directly to HoD.

Heads of Department are busy people. They prefer to hear new reasons.  Not a rehash of whatever they said no to.

Wrong action:  Emailing the maths IT helpdesk complaining about HoD decision. 


I use the University's HPC and it needs an @cam address

It is sometimes thought that because the university HPC emails @cam addresses that therefore you need to retain your @cam email in order to continue using the HPC. This is not the case.  What the HPC need is to be able to contact you. You need to ensure they have an up to date contact address for you. This could be an external address or alumni address. .

However the service does need you to have Raven. Ensure the academic authorising your access has cleared this with Head of Department.

I need to use the HPC as part of my collaboration

Discuss with the academic who is authorising your access which type of HPC access they are allowing you for the collaboration. 

HPC user registration

You will need Raven access to have access to the HPC.  This must be authorised by Head of Department.  The academic who sponsors your collaboration is responsible for arranging this if they agree to your use of the HPC.  

Why did UIS or HR or CAMSIS or Alumni email me. I have a collaboration

UIS, HR, CAMSIS and other central University Offices do not have access to the  maths database. Therefore they cannot see your new status in the maths database.

In addition, even if you have a collaboration, you are still leaving in their eyes so you must read their email and take any appropriate actions.  

If you are unsure what to do the best people to advise you are:

Maths HR office (staff(

Maths postgreduate office (research students)

DAMTP BOM / DPMMS BOM (everyone else).

If as part of your collaboration you requested email you may be tempted to ignore the email from UIS.  Please read it.

In their email is an extension form. If you need continued access to Raven or University Email you must fill this in.

If you need access for academic reasons for longer than the date UIS provide then follow the collaborator 'Extra Resource' process above AFTER you have received your new account close date from UIS.

The 'after' is important. It moves the pressure off IT at the busy September/October time of year to closer to outside of Full Term as UIS typically allow you two months in addition to their default one months grace you already have.  It also keeps the order correct so no one overwrites the other. 

I don't use University Email. I have an (old) maths setup and need to keep email after I leave.

If you do not use University Email but you have academic reason to retain access to email after you leave then for the above to apply you must first put your email into the state of someone who does use University Email in the standard way.

To do this remove all redirects down to the maths system. Then let help@maths or your HoD PA know when you have done this.  They will then turn your maths email to redirect to your University Email (ExOL account).

Now you can follow our collaborator processes. 

I forgot to extend my UIS login and now its closed

Contact the UIS service desk. 

Sometimes they reopen the login to the end date you would have had had you filled out their form on time.

Can I keep my email to stay on my group's mailing list

The mailing lists can have external addresse