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Leaving the department

This covers DAMTP, DPMMS and the Statslab. 

Leavers FAQ  (covers what to do if you are not leaving)

Shortly before you leave the department you should receive an email advising you when your computer account is due to close.   If you receive such an email please do NOT ignore it even if you think it is a mistake. Click here to learn more about this. Please do not rely on receiving this email. The email gives a link to a leaver's form for staff and students. 

From the leaver's form staff and research students can

  1. Set up an email redirection. 
    (If you are leaving and moving to another position in the university, you still need to fill this in if you wish your department email to continue to redirect to your university email address. )
  2. Choose its end date (within the boundaries shown to you on the form)
  3. Set up a contact message for when your email addresses cease to work.
  4. Add a few weeks to your computer login close date or close it early.

The links to the forms and how to use them are in the FAQ.

You can check your position end date in the self service section of the database. 

If you need to continue having a login to the system for a collaboration you will find the instructions in the FAQ. 

When your department account closes you can no longer log in.

Mailing lists

  • If you are a member of a list or lists, unsubscribe (remove yourself) from all the lists of which you are a member.
  • If you are a manager or moderator of a mailing list, you should hand over your responsibilities to your successor and remove yourself from the list.

Leaving the university

UIS will contact you about the accounts you have with them (Raven, university email) . This typically happens one week to one month after you leave the university.  Read their email carefully as it tells you what to do if you need to keep your @cam email live for for another month or two.   UIS - leaving the university webpage.


Maths collaborations do not generally provide access to facilities managed by UIS. Neither do they show up on the faculty and department web pages.  

Please tidy up before you leave and consider the data you have on our system.