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Leaving the department

This covers DAMTP, DPMMS and the Statslab. 

When you leave the department your computer login ceases to be active. 

If you were a staff (academic or research)  or student member  the system gives you a month grace period.  If you are continuing to work with someone and need continued access or need to keep your login open for other reasons the procedures to arrange this are in the Q&As below.

This is especially applicable to research students and postdocs.  We are aware you sometimes leave CMS before you have completed your work.  Contact people like the maths postgraduate office or your group or pavilion secretary if this situation applies to you so that you can apply for further access to the systems.  Decisions are made at the academic, postgraduate office, BOM and Head of Department  level but not by IT. Do not email IT.  Your supervisor or PI has to agree to your access continuing and they make the applications. 

For everyone else your login ceases when your leave or your collaboration end date is reached.  If  your visit or collaboration is continuing see the Q+As below on what to do.

The system may email people before they leave to remind them their account will close. If you are a visitor or collaborator this can only happen if your contact email address is up to date. Staff are usually advised by someone in their group or the HR office. Additionally their group or pavilion secretary can check for them when their maths login is due to close. 

Sometimes people who are not leaving receive a leaving email. This can happen when our data is incorrect.  Receiving such an email unexpectedly may be perplexing, worrying or annoying but please read through the relevant Q&As to understand why you may have received this, and how to change it if appropriate. It is really important you approach the correct people to get the data corrected so your account does not close. 

If your account does close and it was not supposed to, contact your pavilion or group secretary for advise. 

When a maths login  closes you can no longer log in or access your files.  If the login to the maths system reopens within a few months of closure you should find all your files are still there. 

Q&A (Questions and Answers)  

Further details

Information about staff and student leaver forms is in the Questions and Answers above.

You can check your position end date in the self service section of the database. 

If you need to continue having a login to the system for a collaboration you will find the instructions in the Q&A

When your department account closes you can no longer log in.

Mailing lists

  • If you are a member of a list or lists, unsubscribe (remove yourself) from all the lists of which you are a member.
  • If you are a manager or moderator of a mailing list, you should hand over your responsibilities to your successor and remove yourself from the list.

Leaving the university

UIS will contact you about the accounts you have with them (Raven, university email) . This typically happens one week to one month after you leave the university.  Read their email carefully as it tells you what to do if you need to keep your @cam email live for for another month or two.   UIS - leaving the university webpage.


Maths collaborations do not generally provide access to facilities managed by UIS. Neither do they show up on the faculty and department web pages.  There are notes in the Q&A of what to do is this is required. 

Please tidy up before you leave and consider the data you have on our system.