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Leaving the department

This covers DAMTP, DPMMS and the Statslab. 

When you leave the department your maths computer account ceases to be active.

Account closes

  • Professional Services Staff: 7 days from leaving date. (These accounts can have a lot of privileges)
  • Research student, research and academic staff: 30 days from leaving date.
  • Everybody else: Your account closes when you leave.

Any webpages you have (profile or user) will close on your last day in the department regardless of when your account closes.
The University Information Services (UIS) will contact you about your university accounts with them and also tell you when your email will close.

It is very important to read the UIS information. When the UIS email you there is a link in their email for how you can extend your email access (this does not apply to undergraduates).

Things to do before your maths computer account is closed.

  • Take a copy of your data. It will be deleted from the system six months after your account closes.
  • If you manage a maths website make sure there is another manager and that IT have added them to the list. Websites with no managers are shut down and deleted.
  • If you run a mailing list find another admin for it or arrange for you to be an external admin.
  • If you have a role email alias arrange for it to be closed or passed to someone else.
  • If you need any extensions to your access read the questions and answers below.
  • If you receive any communication saying you are leaving and you believe that you are not THEN YOU NEED TO ACT. The computer system closes access automatically based on your database entry. Those entries are maintained by the maths HR office, maths postgraduate office, the HoD PAs (Head of Department personal assistant) and the BOM PAs (Business Operations Manager personal assistant).
  • Check your database entry end date in the  Self Service  or ask your group/pavilion secretary for it.


Your department webpages close down when your department position ends. If you need a webpage for a CV please make an external one in advance of leaving.

Department alias (emails in the form of,, or

  1. External leaver: This is set to close when UIS close your University Email.  If you need longer see 'Extras' below.
  2. Internal leaver (to other department or college or centre in the University). If you need to retain any department alias for a limited period of time then make a case to the BOM or to the Deputy DA for education if you are an mphil or research student.

How to set up a collaboration / extend access to your maths account

Basic collaboration

  • Academic / Research Staff / Student Leaver:  Contact an academic from your research group. If they agree to your continued access to the maths system they will arrange matters with their group/pavilion secretary (DAMTP) or HoD PA (DPMMS).
  • Professional Services Staff /  No research group contact is the Business and Operations Manager for your department.
  • Summer students / Visiting students:  Contact the person you are working with. They contact the programme coordinator.
  • Visitor: Contact your host.
  • Collaborator: Contact the person who sponsored your collaboration. If that is no longer suitable then follow for the category you were in.

Non collaboration extending access to maths login:

  • Student not finished your degree: Contact the maths postgraduate office.
  • DoS access: Contact the maths undergrad office
  • For access for any other reason contact the Business and Operations manager for your department unless you are a student in which case contact the Maths Deputy DA for Education.

All collaborations and extensions are time limited.


If you need:

  • University Account
  • Email (beyond the extension period offered by UIS)
  • A department email alias (beyond the extension period offered by UIS)
  • A profile or personal webpage


a/ Discuss what you need with an academic from your research group. (Or the BOM if you are a professional services staff member or do not have a research group)

b/ If they agree they will make a case to their Head of Department.

c/ If the Head of department agrees then the additional access when agreed is usually set up by the Head of Department's PA. Allow at least a week for this to be arranged.

(The maths IT helpdesk plays no part in this.Please do not ask them for a update on where your application is).

Please do not ask for email extensions which are covered by the UIS procedures. The UIS have a system to allow you apply for a couple of extra months access. If you have a standard maths setup then any department alias you have is redirected to your University Email and it will keep working while your eniversity email does. If you have a non standard maths setup (as in a local mailbox) then you will need to redirect your email to your University Email before you leave if you wish to use the University's email extension system. Otherwise your email will close when you leave.

If you receive an extra it is time limited. If you extend your collaboration or set up a new one the 'extra' does not follow it. You need to apply again for any extras you continue to need. 

Exception - Postdocs 

If you are leaving but your research grant is continuing and you are continuing to work on the same topic with people here then contact the BOM. If the case meets certain criteria they can arrange for a collaboration for you that gives you a maths account, an university account and university email. Ask them for details.

Leaving post and becoming a visitor:

Your login will remain open provided your visitor record is added to the faculty database.  If you need email or University Account or a personal webpage then you need to follow the instructions above for 'Extras'. 

Further information:  Q&A (Questions and Answers)