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Leaving the department

This covers DAMTP, DPMMS and the Statslab. 

We will try to email you a few weeks before you leave to remind you that your maths login will close a couple of days after you leave your department.  Please do not rely on receiving this email. 

Email Redirection:

Staff and students and collaborators may redirect their maths (maths,damtp,dpmms,statslab) email for up to a year after they leave.  Fill in the form at:   The redirection goes live  about ten minutes after you fill out the form. If you forget to fill out the form or cannot access it email, if possible from your address, if your @cam address is closed then from the contact address that it advertises.  This is because we have to be very careful not to redirect anyone's mail to a third party. 

Account Access:

If you will need to continue accessing the maths system for your work after you leave then contact your supervisor or PI. They then need to contact the appropriate secretary who will complete a form. We cannot accept emails sent from the person who wishes to keep their account open for longer.

Alternatively contact the maths graduate office if you are a research student

(These instructions may change later on in 2020. When they are fixed we will remove this paragraph).

Account Close date

You will see your account close date on the email redirection form (above).  Typically it is a few days after you leave the department. Your access to some resources stops when you leave, so please if you need further access arrange it before you leave

Leaving the university

UIS will contact you about the accounts you have with them (Raven, university email) . This typcially happens one week to one month after you leave the university.  Read their email carefully as it tells you what to do if you need to keep your @cam email live for for another month or two.   UIS - leaving the university webpage.


Maths collaborations do not generally provide access to facilities ran by UIS. Neither do they show up on the maths and maths department web pages.  

Please tidy up before you leave and consider the data you have on our system.