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Important note about software versions

We strongly recommend you do not automatically update Tunnelblick when prompted to, as new releases often break things. Instead check this web page first to find out if we have tested the new version and only upgrade to versions we have mentioned here that we have tested.


Which version to install depends on which version of MacOS you have. For 10.7.5 and up we currently recommend the 3.8.1 stable release which may be downloaded from . Although we cannot test every version this one has been seen to work on OSX 10.13 for us. Please note we do not recommend the 3.5.5 or 3.6.2 stable releases which we have had reports of problems with. For older Macs, version 3.5.11 should work.

If you have difficulty with version 3.8.1 then what to try depends on the version of OSX you have. If you have OSX 10.7 or above try the latest beta release from . For older versions of OSX there is no readily available alternative. 

After installing tunnelblick, download the config file. Drag and drop the profile file onto the Tunnelblick icon as shown to install the configuration.

Drag and drop .ovpn file

Two error messages will pop up:

  • Answer "Always use the plugin" when asked about
  • Ignore the message about comp_lzo (an option to compress traffic over the VPN which will apparently become obsolete in later versions.)

You can then connect and disconnect via the Tunnelblick icon.


Select 'Connect Maths' from the TunnelBlick icon. The credentials you should use are your Maths Faculty credentials - CRSID and Maths password.