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CTOs/TES staff Terms and Conditions




We expect TES staff and CTOs..

  • To need a departmental computer account (and the resources that that provides access to) for their academic work

  • To regularly log in into the system. Dormant accounts may be closed but can be re-opened easily.

  • To only use the provided IT resources for academic purposes. Private or commercial use is not permitted.

  • To respect software licenses. Some mathematical software (such as Maple) is only for the use of current staff and students. If in doubt ask.

  • To provide us with a current and in-use email address (so that we are able to contact you). This can entered into the Maths database via the self-service section or by contacting the administrator for your department, pavilion or research group

  • To remember that in general, the availability of a facility does not imply permission to use it. Your continued use of the facilities is permitted solely for the uses given by the academic who authorised your visit. If in doubt ask the IT helpdesk what was given when your account was set up. You may not attempt to access facilities you are not permitted to use.

  • To use responsibly and reasonably the printing facilities. Please follow the guidance provided in the following link

  • CTOs only: To be listed on our Academics webpage. Any editing you make to your profile page (or personal webpages) must NOT misrepresent your current role in Maths